Saturday, August 26, 2017


Whenever in need of a mini-break we head to Sayulita, its a great way to feel like we're on vacation (even though its more like a stay-cation). But its a nice way to get a breather. In the summer the town is a lot less crowded, the heat a bit more intense but that can be overlooked when you are spending more time at the beach wearing a swimsuit than wearing actual clothes. We do have our favorite little boutique hotels, that are right in the heart of town. Petite Hafa is very cute and homey and has a lovely terrace where you can enjoy a good book and have a lovely breakfast. Another one of our favorites is Casa Love that is known for its boho-chic vibes and great store on the first floor. If a nice view is your thing, then nowhere to look but Punta Sayulita, or Siete Lunas.
 Tell us where your favorite staycation spot.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Our Korean Skin Care Routine: Innisfree

While in Asia, we became obsessed with Korean beauty products, in particular with Innisfree  here's why: Apart from being one of the leading skin care brands in South Korea, most of their products are eco-friendly and come from natural ingredients on Jeju Island. They also do bottle recycling and their products just proved to be exceptional for our skin. As girls who live by the beach and travel constantly, we often get asked what we use to protect our skin from the sun and what we travel with, so here it is! Our Korean beauty regime:

For Cleansing

We both have oily skin, so for us its really important to use an oil cleanser because it easily removes make up and impurities while smoothing and removing flaky dead skin cells (its okay to use oils on oily skin!). We love this product because it leaves the skin looking brighter and fresh without drying it out. Also, it smells delicious!

Another great product for removing your make-up and all impurities. These are perfect for traveling! We love to travel with this pack because you can easily carry them in your handbag and take them anywhere. You really only need one tissue for your whole face and voilá your make up is instantly gone and your skin is left extremely smooth.

For Exfoliating

We believe that as part of our routine, its really important to exfoliate once a week. We sometimes get acne or blemishes as most girls do, so its crucial for us not to use harsh exfoliators. This cleanser is perfect, as it removes the dead skin cells and dirt without being abrasive.


This was the very first Innisfree product we ever tried,  and it is still our favorite! Can't live without it.
 It is perfect for all types of skin, we use it everyday in the morning and at night. It moisturizes the skin leaving it super smooth and glowing. You immediately see results as your skin absorbs the antioxidants and nutrients of the green tea seed. Get ready for a healthier looking complexion. We think of it as a super food for the skin. Highly recommended.

Face Masks

Perfect to avoid the dryness that usually happens when you travel on long flights. 
The lifting sheet mask has collagen which helps restore elasticity; it is a great mask to prevent wrinkles and tighten up your skin.

This is another product we swear by! This clay mask works wonders. Especially if you are prone to getting zits. It helps shrink and close your pores and control the sebum. When we spend too much time out in the sun or our skin feels extra oily during the day we use the volcanic pore clay mask for 10 min and it we can feel instant results.
Definitely worth adding this mask to your Korean beauty regime! 

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


 A few more pictures from our recent rip to Guadalajara. Like we said previously, the city can be quite happening and its a nice dose of city life for us.This suede skirt is a new buy from The Reformation- and we love how versatile it is! In this post its paired with a mustard-colored shirt, which I thought was a fun way to add a pop of color to the look, but it can just as easily be paired with a black bodysuit for a sleek going out look. Its definitely a timeless piece that can be worn in many different ways, so I'm excited to play around with it a bit more. You can be sure you will be seeing more of this skirt!
What are your thoughts on suede skirts?

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Guadalajara is an often overlooked city by tourists and travellers when exploring Mexico, but for the locals it is no secret that this city is exciting in many ways. First of, it is vibrant and young, and keeps growing at an impressive rate. It has also become a popular destination for international students because of the extensive exchange programs the Universities provide. Most important right now, it has become Mexico's tech-hub and in consequence the city has been undertaking a major transformation. It is going from a somewhat big city to a monstrous metropolis in a short time, so its definitely an interesting time to visit. Our top choice when in the city, is the very trendy and cozy boutique hotel Casa Fayette. Our priority when choosing a hotel is the location (most of the times!) and this hotel has the best one yet in Guadalajara. Just a short distance from the most vibrant area: Chapultepec, with a dozen restaurants and bars to choose from- though our hotel bar is pretty nice too! The interiors are very stylish and they also have bikes available so you can explore the area and discover the cute cafés around the neighborhood. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Photos by: Facehunter & Coe+Due

Last week we embarked on a journey with our dear friend Yvan Rodic, to discover the southernmost state of Mexico: Chiapas.

 Known for its majestic lush jungle greens, impressive sceneries, and pre-mayan and mayan cultures, we were all very excited to explore this magical ancient land.
We stayed at the colonial and colorful town of San Cristobal de las Casas, which is a charming little town 1hr away from the capital Tuxtla Gutierrez, and from there you can take the tours to the many different attractions.

We arrived late to Chiapas, at around 9:30pm, so the first night we just had a nice dinner and a few drinks around El Andador.  If you walk around Real de Guadalupe street you will find plenty of restaurants, bars and salsa dancing venues. There is not much of a party scene in San Cristobal but there are still a lot of places where you can have a great chill bohemian night with friends.There's also many great hotels to stay in with a "hacienda style" vibe, but we would have to say that our favorite hotels were Hotel Bo and Casa Lum- if you decide to stay elsewhere, don't forget to pay a visit to the restaurants in both of these hotels for a wonderful dining experience.

One thing we learned from our time in Chiapas, and that you should keep in mind, is that you must always check the weather! It rains a lot and you have to be ready for unexpected delays. As we headed to el Cañon del Sumidero on our third day, we realized that not only was it going to rain but the fog was completely taking over the road and our view. As we drove up to the view point, the fog had completely covered the Canyon, making it almost invisible-though it also gave it this mystical /cool appeal that we loved!
We waited for it to clear a bit, and it did for 15 min so we did manage to snap a few pictures. Once we left the view point and headed to the town where you take the boat-ride, the fog had cleared completely and we got to appreciate the majestic scenery from a different perspective. The ride takes about 2 hours and the boat goes very fast, except for a few stops where you are allowed to photograph the landscape.

For our next tour we booked a taxi to visit the Blue Water Waterfalls and Palenque ruins. We woke up at 5 am because we wanted to beat the crowds and be able to take clear shots. What we didn't expect was that there was going to be a huge protest in the middle of the road. A trailer truck was blocking it and no one could pass through. Our taxi driver suggested we walk past the truck to the other side and once there, we could take another taxi to the waterfalls.

We were successful at crossing past the truck and getting to the waterfalls, which were completely isolated from tourists due to the blockage (yay!). What we didn't get to do was go to Palenque because of the delays with the protest, so our taxi driver took us to another waterfall that was on the way back and was less visited by tourists. Even though we were a bit sad not to see Palenque, we did get to see something very special and secluded.

A very unique experience was visiting the autonomous town of San Juan Chamula, which is known for having one of the most populated Tzotzil communities, and the best and most colorful fabrics/clothes that you can purchase all over town. A must is going inside their beautiful church, but be mindful as to not take any pictures inside! It is prohibited. Its important to show respect when going there, since it is a very special place where people still stay true to their Mayan traditions and rituals and you can get to experience something very extraordinary. We also visited the town of Zinacatan, a neighbouring town that is completely different from San Juan Chamula in terms of customs, social interactions and attire. While we were there we had the pleasure of sitting down with the locals to have some food (corn tortillas with cheese and pumpkin seeds) and try their local drink "Pox" (a traditional mayan drink that is flavored aguardiente ) the legend says that drinking pox has the ability to cure diseases of the body and soul. Able to even heal a broken heart. 

We finished every day with an amazing cultural experience, and then celebrated by trying different restaurants for dinner. Our top choice was Lum, where we had delicious gourmet mexican food that had us wanting more.

Our last days we spent in San Cristobal de las Casas exploring the colorful town and visiting their beautiful churches. We also had the opportunity to hear the music from the Cervantino festival and witness several cultural events going on around town. The town is extremely happening on the weekends and just strolling around you will stumble upon many things to see and do.

On our very last day we visited a Zapatista (EZLN) town called Oventic. When we arrived, men came to the entrance to take our names and to ask us a few questions about ourselves and why we wanted to visit their autonomous town. After explaining we just wanted to see the town and take some photos if possible, they came back after 40min saying we could come in and take photographs of the town, but not of the people. 

A masked man then gave us a small tour of the place. The town itself is small and the people are friendly; it has one school, a hospital and several small houses along with some shops selling their art and clothing. The walls of every building are covered with colorful revolutionary murals and symbolic figures such as Emiliano Zapata. Although this isn't a tourist attraction, it is open for people who wish to visit and are curious about the community- but you should always be prudent and respectful of their ideology and history. 

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