photo by- Alicia Fox


Cynthia + Amanda are the inseparable sisters behind Coe+Due.
Born and raised in Mexico and always eager to explore the world, they each moved to different cities in search of both adventure and inspiration. They developed an interest in art + fashion at a very early stage, always choosing their own ensembles and using painting as self-expression. What at the time seemed like playing dress-up and drawing silly cartoons, later evolved into a passion for the creative realm. Cynthia eventually settled in the charming city of Florence after having lived in Wales and Vancouver. Amanda went on to become a New Yorker and by sharing their experiences and sights through this blog they started what soon became Coe+Due. 

Since the unison of Coe+Due in Bangkok they have both decided to travel the world in search of new and upcoming trends that circle the globe. They hope to bring you their perspective on how style and travel influence their lives on a daily basis.
xx A+ C

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