Sunday, May 7, 2017

Our Korean Skin Care Routine: Innisfree

While in Asia, we became obsessed with Korean beauty products, in particular with Innisfree  here's why: Apart from being one of the leading skin care brands in South Korea, most of their products are eco-friendly and come from natural ingredients on Jeju Island. They also do bottle recycling and their products just proved to be exceptional for our skin. As girls who live by the beach and travel constantly, we often get asked what we use to protect our skin from the sun and what we travel with, so here it is! Our Korean beauty regime:

For Cleansing

We both have oily skin, so for us its really important to use an oil cleanser because it easily removes make up and impurities while smoothing and removing flaky dead skin cells (its okay to use oils on oily skin!). We love this product because it leaves the skin looking brighter and fresh without drying it out. Also, it smells delicious!

Another great product for removing your make-up and all impurities. These are perfect for traveling! We love to travel with this pack because you can easily carry them in your handbag and take them anywhere. You really only need one tissue for your whole face and voilá your make up is instantly gone and your skin is left extremely smooth.

For Exfoliating

We believe that as part of our routine, its really important to exfoliate once a week. We sometimes get acne or blemishes as most girls do, so its crucial for us not to use harsh exfoliators. This cleanser is perfect, as it removes the dead skin cells and dirt without being abrasive.


This was the very first Innisfree product we ever tried,  and it is still our favorite! Can't live without it.
 It is perfect for all types of skin, we use it everyday in the morning and at night. It moisturizes the skin leaving it super smooth and glowing. You immediately see results as your skin absorbs the antioxidants and nutrients of the green tea seed. Get ready for a healthier looking complexion. We think of it as a super food for the skin. Highly recommended.

Face Masks

Perfect to avoid the dryness that usually happens when you travel on long flights. 
The lifting sheet mask has collagen which helps restore elasticity; it is a great mask to prevent wrinkles and tighten up your skin.

This is another product we swear by! This clay mask works wonders. Especially if you are prone to getting zits. It helps shrink and close your pores and control the sebum. When we spend too much time out in the sun or our skin feels extra oily during the day we use the volcanic pore clay mask for 10 min and it we can feel instant results.
Definitely worth adding this mask to your Korean beauty regime! 

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