Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Guadalajara is an often overlooked city by tourists and travellers when exploring Mexico, but for the locals it is no secret that this city is exciting in many ways. First of, it is vibrant and young, and keeps growing at an impressive rate. It has also become a popular destination for international students because of the extensive exchange programs the Universities provide. Most important right now, it has become Mexico's tech-hub and in consequence the city has been undertaking a major transformation. It is going from a somewhat big city to a monstrous metropolis in a short time, so its definitely an interesting time to visit. Our top choice when in the city, is the very trendy and cozy boutique hotel Casa Fayette. Our priority when choosing a hotel is the location (most of the times!) and this hotel has the best one yet in Guadalajara. Just a short distance from the most vibrant area: Chapultepec, with a dozen restaurants and bars to choose from- though our hotel bar is pretty nice too! The interiors are very stylish and they also have bikes available so you can explore the area and discover the cute caf├ęs around the neighborhood. 

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  1. Love that pictures!!!

  2. Beautiful photo diary

    xxx, Eva

  3. Such an awesome place, and you look grrrrreat!
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  4. The tone of these photos are so beautiful! I love what you're wearing and the interior of this location. Everything looks so beautiful. :)


  5. In love with your top. Stunning!

    Kisses from Berlin
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  6. Lovely photos! That pink blouse is gorgeous


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