Monday, January 25, 2016


Cynthia wore...
An all Zara Outfit

We decided to go visit the House of Tiles today, and it is by far one of the coolest places to go for breakfast and to take pictures of its wonderful decor. The House of Tiles used to be an 18th Century palace that was built by The Count del Valle de Orizaba family. People have often wondered where the idea of the tiles came from, but this house has passed through so many different owners, that it is uncertain which one of them was the one who decided to cover it with blue tiles. My favorite version of the story is, that when Rodrigo de Vivero y Aberrucia lived here with his family many years ago, he became fed up with his son's lack of responsibility and told him: "if you do not get your act together you will never build a House of Tiles." (meaning you will never do anything significant). 
His son didn't take his father's words lightly and stopped fooling around. When the house was finally passed down to him, he ordered it to be re-built with both the fa├žade and the interiors covered in tiles, as an act of defiance. 

Nowadays, you can admire the beautiful sight, and also enjoy a nice mexican meal at the the Mexican restaurant chain: Sanborns  

Hope you enjoyed the story and the pictures! 


Cynthia + Amanda

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  1. Wow! This place looks amazing! Mexico city is definitely on our bucket list, we heard so much good about it!
    And your outfit is perfect! The ocher jacket is gorgeous and perfect for spring, here in Europe.
    Thank you for the inspiration! We will definitely be back on your blog !

  2. nice photos<3

    and I love the outfit<3


  3. Amazing look and the tiles are to die for x


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