Monday, June 29, 2015


      Cynthia wore...
Off the Shoulders Top: Topshop
Denim shorts: GJG Denim
Sunnies: Zara

 So we  are still in Saigon, exploring everything this city has to offer. After living here for the past 3 months in District 1, we have made it our mission to go deep into the city and explore all the districts possible . So far our favorite has to be District 2, with so many restaurants and shops all around, it kind of gives out a vibe of being a small town on its own!  It stands alone as its own community and really there is no need to head back to District 1 where the chaos and traffic and overpriced items rule the streets.  District 7, is another story as well, it happens to look like an entire different city- not a town, but a big more modern city (not exactly easy to walk around). Depending on where you live is how you move around and what lifestyle you will partake. As we were strolling around town, we found a book with images of Saigon in the 70's, it is incredible to see how much it has changed over the years.  And it still keeps astounding us how big the city  actually is compared to how it feels.

-Amanda + Cynthia

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Amanda wore...
Swimsuit: Agent Provocateur
Sunnies: Karen Walker

The only way to survive the Saigon heat is to hang out by the pool whenever possible. Luckily our flat had a great pool where we could make the best of the weekends and even squeeze in an early morning swim to exercise when we could. 
With summer officially here, its time to pull-out the swimsuits! One-pieces can be very tricky, but if you are looking for a perfect fit, I always like to check out Agent Provocateur. They have the most flattering statement pieces, and they always mix unconventional and fun with sultry perfectly. If you aren't a fan of one-pieces, then check out their colorful new bikini collection, they are not only flattering and bold but will look amazing with your new summer tan!

Best from Vietnam, 
Amanda & Cynthia 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


 Amanda wore...

Crochet blouse: LF
Shorts: Mango
Sunnies: Zara
Clutch: Uterqüe
Sandals: Topshop

The last couple of weeks have been utterly crazy, with so much moving around! From Hoi An, to Mui Ne and Back to HCMC. Now we can finally take a breather from the gypsy life and settle in a cozy apartment that feels so much more like home (no more hotels woohoo!) We do love the hotel life but not living out of a suitcase. There is nothing like unpacking and organizing all your things in your closet, as well as putting some personal touches to the rooms. Plus this new place somehow also feels like a new start. And new starts can be hard but at the same time so refreshing.

With the weather giving us insane amounts of rainfall lately and humidity levels rising to the roof, we are sometimes confused on what to wear. But our priority still remains to stay as fresh as possible, and thats why we are taking a break from all our black attire, and switching to all-white outfits. This is one of my favorite "summer shirts" because its easy to match, it keeps you super cool, and I do love crochet! With summer just around the corner we are all probably on vacation-mode and daydreaming on what to wear to the beach, am I right? This shirt is also an amazing cover-up! You can leave it open with your swimsuit, or tie it around your waist with some high-waisted bottoms. Its not a boring shirt to wear, and I love pieces that can be worn in many ways! It keeps things interesting because we all know the awful feeling of getting tired of wearing the same item over-and-over again (We need to spice it up).

Sending all our love from Saigon!

Amanda & Cynthia

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