Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Cynthia wore...
Off-the-shoulder top- Topshop
Shorts- Topshop
Sandals- Zara
Sunnies- Zara

Nothing screams summertime more than off-the-shoulder tops and colorful bottoms. It also helps that we were in the most color-captivating city in Vietnam (Hoi An) And we will never get tired of telling you guys how mesmerizing this place can be. It is the place that you are not sure why you would follow the herds to, and once you arrive everything makes perfect sense. Still, with summer heat filling every corner, one must choose ensembles that can also make up for riding bikes all day, cruising the river and exploring the town; which is why this top from Topshop has quickly become one of our favorites this trip! It is so easy to pair with different bottoms and still keep that casual/cute and breezy vibe we love. Both of us got the same shirt because sharing one was not enough (even when you are sisters). And guess what? We love wearing it together and playing the twin card, it makes our days much more interesting. 

What are you wearing this summer? We would love to know!

Cynthia & Amanda 

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Monday, May 11, 2015


Amanda wore...
Two-piece-set: Tailor made in Hoi An shop
Sunnies: Zara
Sandals: Topshop

I think we've already established how in love we are with Hoi An, and how we had way too much fun! To the point that we may have teared a little when we left. However, we do feel like we should share a few important things that you should know before heading there, about TAILOR-MADE clothing, specifically.

Here is a list on what you should know before you have something tailor-made:
  1.  There a millions of shops just waiting to drag you inside (carefully choose one after visiting many!)
  2. Everyone you meet will have a "cousin" or "sister"  who owns a shop and will give you a "special price" (of course this is not true, "special prices" are non-existent) You should always compare the prices and quality of the fabrics from all the stores you visit.
  3. If you have no experience with fabrics you should research on the internet beforehand and if it feels cheap, thats because it probably is! Fabric selection is crucial! Otherwise your tailor-made piece will be ruined after the first wash because its low-quality.
  4. If they tell you they will have it ready in one day, it probably won't be the best quality either- make sure you go to fittings and it is adjusted to your criteria.
  5. DO NOT be tempted to overspend. You can easily get carried away looking at the bright silks and beautiful patterns that will end up costing you the same as shops in London. (way too much for Hoi An!)

Overall we were very pleased with our purchases because we new exactly what we wanted and our expectations weren't over the top. We paid a reasonable price for comfortable day-time pajama sets!

Hope this helps anyone looking to get something made here!
Otherwise, just enjoy  your surroundings because they are magical
xxx Amanda. 

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