Friday, January 23, 2015


Amanda wore...
Crop-top- Coe+Due designs
Fringe skirt- Reformation
Sunglasses- Zara
Sandals- Zara 

It is now mid-january, and how time keeps flying- but since the start of the new year 2015, we have been very excited to work on new and diverse projects that have only unveiled a glimpse of the amazing things lying ahead. I never have any resolutions to start the year, but this time I did find a focus on certain areas that I wanted to improve in my life. Having that in mind, then came a lot of new ideas and creativity that I hope we have been channeling on our most recent posts. 
This specific post was inspired by our most regular visits to a Spanish restaurant in our hometown, where they have an occasional live show of Spanish guitar and flamenco dancing. Many of you don't know about our little obsession with the Spanish guitar- to say the least we now obsess over the flamenco dancer's outfits as well! There is so much emotion that undertakes in these performances and they are delivered with such passion, that its almost impossible not to lose your breath at some point. Between the melody of the guitar, the intense dancing, the singing, and the handclaps, one can get lost in sentiment! But the outfits- which are often overlooked, are an essential part of the performance that do not only initially captivate you, but also fiercely retain your attention.  

Wishing everyone a great start of the year! 

xx Amanda 

Photos: Raff Duran

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