Sunday, December 28, 2014


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Head-to-toe- Zara

With NYE  just around the corner, its not too late for some last minute outfit ideas! When you think of New Year's the first thing that comes to most people's minds are flashy outfits and sequined dresses. I tend to stay away from these. Whilst you still want to be "festive" I believe its wiser to find a toned-down sophisticated look that is still appropriate for the occasion. In my opinion, velvet is a good way to achieve that. This dress is sleek and classic, and by pairing it with a masculine blazer that is also a lighter shade of velvet, you get a playful result. Its rare for me to go completely girly in the way I dress so I always strive to make dresses fit my style by making different pairings. But if you are not like me, this dress by itself is a very flattering fit. Still a great way to get the perfect NYE look: sultry and tasteful. 

Best wishes to everyone this holiday season! 
xx Amanda

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